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Accepting Change, from Moab to Moline

Originally Posted on November 24, 2014

Charles Darwin said "It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change." 

As many of you know, I have recently experienced alot of change in my life.  My boyfriend, the one I thought was the one, broke up with me.  I left behind jobs, friends and an amazing town.  I started school at the Institute of Intigrative Nutrition.  I moved cross-country to be closer to my sister, who was recently diagnosed with stage IV cancer.  I started 2 new jobs.  Started hunting for a new house, even though I just finished renovating "our" house.  Basically everything I knew of life, I had to let go of and start anew.  I like to think of it as the Darwin Challenge. 

It is difficult to let go of everything we have known to be comfortable, to step outside, or sometimes be pushed out, of our comfort zone.  It feels, well, uncomfortable.  No one likes that feeling.  Even if we are unhappy in our situation we would rather be unhappy and comfortable than explore the unknown. 

It may seem hard at first, taking that first step, but if you're brave enough to take it, or life takes it for you, don't worry, it's not that bad.  Yes, it's uncomfortable.  Yes, you're going to have tough days.  But it is outside of our comfort zone that we find growth and change.  We jump out of the stagnant pools we got so comfortable in, to the running waters of the unknown.  If we resist the waters, we get nowhere.  But if we learn to go with the flow, we find life to be much easier.  All of a sudden we are not fighting life, but flowing with it.

The only thing constant in life is change.  If we understand that, then we quit trying to hold on, we learn to more easily let go of the things that are no longer working for us and move on.  We are not scared of the future, but learn to embrace it.  And as we embrace change we find comfort outside of our comfort zone.  And that is where we find true peace.

As I start to settle into this new chapter in my life, I try to focus on the positive.  I don't let myself get irritated by the long car rides, the cold weather or static electricity-ridden hair.  Because I know what comes along with this change is new growth and a greater understanding of my place and purpose on this earth.

With Love and Light, Courtney